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2015 season begins April 18 — two big anniversaries

Opening day in both cities is April 18. We will accept a note from your boss if you have to work Saturdays, but otherwise we expect to see you in one or both cities every Saturday morning through November 21.

The Wednesday farmers’ market starts April 22 in Corvallis. Spooked by Saturday crowds? This is your day!

Either way, the farmers’ markets are the most fun you can have legally while acquiring healthy, local food and hanging out friends and family.

Geek alert: It’s one of those years where we have two anniversaries ending in 5! The Wednesday market started in 1981, and the Saturday farmers’ market in Corvallis started in 1991. So it’s our 35th and 25th anniversary season. Albany FM started in 1978, so we’ll have a 40th anniversary season in 2017.