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April 16 is Opening Day for farmers’ markets downtown

It’s time to take the wraps off a new farmers’ market season. Some customers and farmers have been attending the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market, but our April opening is still a key event on the local food scene.

Chances are good that you’ll find the same farmers you’ve bought from in roughly the same place. But every year a few farmers want or need a different space, and we have new farmers for you to meet and greet.  In Corvallis, for example, we will have locally raised bison and yak. Be sure to walk around the whole site so you don’t miss anything.

Double Up Food Bucks, a souped-up version of an earlier program, will give SNAP recipients an extra $10 in vouchers for locally grown produce — potentially doubling their spending on fresh and nutritious foods.

In Albany, we are seeking business sponsors for a 9-week Power of Produce program. Kids get tokens to spend at the farmers’ market, and there will be activities provided by OSU Linn County Master Gardeners, YMCA and other community partners. Contact Vonda Peters at volunteercafm(at)gmail.com or (Five Four One) 990.5474.