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July 4 is a farmers’ market day!

Farmers’ markets never stop for a holiday!

We do have a few bits of news for those who will be in town and perhaps wanting to bring visitors to their farmers’ market.

In Corvallis, the market will shift to 2nd and B, the city lot at the far south end of 2nd Street. The riverfront area narrows as you go south, so the back of this city touches 1st Street also. But that’s for feet, skateboards and bicycles. Cars cannot get through.

We are moving the Corvallis Farmers’ Market for the Red, White and Blue Festival, and it’s not a bad thing because a parade ends right near us. Details below, but first a note about why you might need to visit the Albany Farmers’ Market.

We are giving out free ice cream sundae samples. Made from Lochmead (from Junction City) ice cream with local berries! Sometimes we score some local chopped hazelnuts also.

You’d be safe planning on hitting the 4th and Ellsworth site from 9-something am to noon. When we run out of ice cream, it’s a wrap.

Posting this a couple weeks out will let you work on logistics in case you want to go to both markets and see the parade.

Corvallis parade  info:

All-American Anyone Can Join, Fabulous, Fantastic Fourth of July Parade:
Assemble at Central Park @ 9:30 am on 8th Street between Jefferson & Monroe. Walkers are first in line. Vehicles are last in line. At 10 am, the Diva will sing the Star Spangled Banner at the corner of 8th & Madison Avenue, and the parade will get underway. Parade goes east on Monroe to 1st Street, turns right (south) on 1st to Washington, turns right (west) to 2nd Street, turns left (south) on 2nd Street and proceeds to the Skate Park where parade disbands and heads down to the “Red White & Blue Riverfront Festival” then paraders can head on home (or spend the day at the Festival!). Parade takes about 30 minutes.