We now have a Market Friends group on Flickr that enables friends of the Albany and Corvallis farmers’ markets to share their photos of the markets online. So now our photos can be almost as fresh as the food.

Even if you don’t own a camera, go to and feast your eyes!

How to contribute your photos:

(These instructions assume you already have a Flickr account; if not, you’ll need to get one.)

  1. Join the group
  2. One at a time: Navigate to the photo you want to add, and click the “Send to group” button above the photo. Select “Market Friends” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Several photos at a time: Go to your “Organize” page, drag your farmers’ market pictures into the editing window, and choose “Send to group.”

If you change your mind later, you can delete your own photos from the group by coming to the Market Friends page, finding your picture and clicking the little “x” below it. This will only remove the picture from the group, not from your own photo page.

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