With help from Fresh & Local, First!, we have enough funding to start the season doing SNAP Match every week. At some point this year, we will have to scale back to once a month per market site/day.

Check this space, Facebook and our market booths for updates about the current season.

Funding sources for SNAP Match are being sought on behalf of all Linn and Benton county farmers’ markets by a separate nonprofit called Fresh & Local, First!

Larger sources include a one-time grant from the Oregon Community Foundation, the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund, the Rosemarie Sweet Fund of the Farmers Market Fund, and most recently, a grant from the Spirit Mountain Community Fund.

Fresh & Local, First! also conducts dine-in events at local restaurants and engages the OSU campus in other fund-raising events.

The 2019 Oregon Legislative Assembly is considering a $3 million statewide SNAP Match program that could also attract federal funding. We probably won’t know whether we’ve succeeded until the end of the legislative session.