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Help us market your farm/business

CAFM manages three Facebook pages and two Instagram accounts. We would like to help amplify market vendors’ posts by sharing them on our sites.

Do you have a Facebook account? Do you have an Instagram account? Please provide the exact names of your accounts when you apply to the market on MarketWurks, which has a question for that. If you are engaging on this after you’ve applied, please email that information to Vonda Peters at volunteercafm@gmail.com.

So that we may receive notifications, please tag the market on relevant Facebook posts. This will increase the chances of CAFM sharing your posts to our pages, which are:

We’ve changed the Corvallis Instagram to: @corvallisfarmersmarket. Albany remains @albanyorfarmersmarket.

If you are not active on social media and would like the market to post something for you, please send a photo with a short description, and Vonda will share it as time allows. Ideas: photos of crop updates (seedlings planted in the field, crops blooming, crops setting fruit…), offering a new product this year, new farm equipment, new market staff photo w/ short bio, farm (bakery, nursery…) scenes, etc.