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HB 2336, the Farm Direct Bill

An FAQ was issued in January of 2012 and revised again following the mid-year issuance of administrative rules. Here is the revised FAQ: http://www.oregon.gov/ODA/FSD/pages/faq_2336.aspx


The bill is law, and administrative rules are nearly final. An FAQ explaining the details can be found on the OFMA and ODA websites.


The governor signed HB 2336 on June 9, 2011! It will be effective Jan. 1, 2012.
Today, May 24, the Senate passed HB 2336 by a 27-3 margin with no debate. Next step: the governor’s desk!
The bill goes to the Senate floor TUESDAY MAY 24. Session starts at 10:30 a.m., so please make phone calls to your Senator early in the day. Here is how you find your Senator: http://www.leg.state.or.us/findlegsltr/
After a minor speed bump or two, HB 2336 on May 17 cleared the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources with a 4-1 vote. One member of the committee wanted a web-based registration system for certain products, which we and others saw as a duplication of information on jar labels, plus the inherent traceability of purchasing directly from farmers.

The bill now goes to the Senate floor next week, no earlier than Tuesday.


HB 2336 is schedule for a Senate committee hearing on May 3 at 3 p.m. in Hearing Room C in the State Capitol Bldg. Contact committee members only if they are your state senator. We’ll save the big wave until we are headed to the Senate Floor. Here’s the link to an action alert from Friends of Family Farmers.

Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee

Jackie Dingfelder, Chair: 503.493.2804

Alan Olsen, Vice-Chair: 503.986.1720

Mark Haas: 503.986.1714

Floyd Prozanski: 503.986.1704

Chuck Thomsen: 503.986.1726



HB 2336 has been referred in the Oregon Senate to the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources as expected. Get ready to contact members of that committee — in early May!


HB 2336 passed the Oregon House Feb. 16 by a still-bipartisan 45-13 margin! Here is the Oregonian story by Lynne Terry.

Now we wait to see if it is referred to what we think is the logical committee (Environment and Natural Resources) on the Senate side. Once a hearing date is set, we’ll be asking for phone calls, emails and testimony.


HB 2336, the Farm Direct Bill, has passed its House committee in a 6-2 vote and is likely to be debated on the House floor on Wednesday February 16.

As we celebrate the institution of love this week, please take a moment to shower a little love on our direct market farmers by calling or emailing your state representative BEFORE 11 AM on Feb. 16!  Whisper a few “sweet somethings” their behalf. Suggestions follow.

If you are a farmer and belong to the Farm Bureau, please add that fact to your call or email. The Farm Bureau has joined the NW Food Processors in opposing portions of this bill, which is the product of a year’s work by many parties, including the Oregon Farmers’ Markets Association.

Talking Points for HB 2336

Farm direct marketing is key to revitalizing local food systems – stimulating grass roots economic development, improving food security and providing healthy choices for Oregon families.

For decades, we have been asking farmers to do all for Oregon this without a clear and rational set of rules for what needs a license and what does not. ODA, the farmers, farmers’ markets and the communities they serve all will benefit from the clarity HB 2336 offers.

Farm direct products are highly traceable, and there is no greater accountability than looking your customers in the eye.

HB 2336 eases regulation only for very low risk products. Pickles and jams are made in millions of homes today, and have been keeping food safe for thousands of years.

Farm direct marketers are entrepreneurs who deserve some room to innovate. Successful businesses will outgrow the gross sales limit in this bill, and production will shift to licensed facilities.

http://www.leg.state.or.us/house/ is the alpha list of House members . Please hold off on the Senate until we make it through the House.

http://www.leg.state.or.us/findlegsltr/ is a fill in form to determine who represents you.

Want more detail? Look here: http://www.culinate.com/user/Kim/blog/oregon_farmer_anthony_boutards_update_on_hb_2336_the_direct_farm_marketing_bill

or here:  HB2336_house_hearing, which is Rebecca Landis’ testimony for OFMA and CAFM.

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