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Keeping markets safe for everyone

This is a place for key information about market practices and customer expectations during the pandemic.

The most recent mask requirement began in August 2021, following a period of weeks where there was no requirement. The state ended the outdoor event requirement effective Nov. 23, 2021. Masks are still recommended in crowded  outdoor environments as well as indoors. We ask that you continue to wear your mask as a courtesy to our at-risk customers and vendors.

Thank you.
It has been a long road.

Throughout Covid CAFM has operated as an essential business: a place where safety for ALL is prioritized. We focused on our core goal of remaining open to support our farmers and other vendors who continued to provide fresh, local, nutritious food to you.

Recognizing it would not be possible to please everyone, our decisions were based on doing our best for the most vulnerable of our membership and our communities.

In response to state-level changes, market changes start June 30.

Beginning June 30 (Corvallis) and July 3 (Albany & Corvallis):
•Mask wearing is still strongly encouraged because there are still many community members who are not vaccinated and/or are immune compromised.
•Whether or not you wear a mask, please be respectful of those who do and give them space even though formal distancing is no longer required.
•Online orders are an option for those who want a quick market trip or are sending someone to pick up.
•Please respect individual vendor signs and policies about where you should stand or walk in and around their booth and how you should access their products.

Navigating through the unfamiliar this past year has been exhausting. We all have experienced some level of Covid-induced stress. We could not be more appreciative of our loyal customers! Thank you for your words of encouragement and unwavering support. ❤️

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