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Weather alerts

This page is a place to check if we are making any adjustments to our normal hours.

We have had more serious heat days lately, so we now have a policy. We will plan and announce that we will close an hour early when the National Weather Service forecasts 95°F or more at 2 pm. Temps are climbing fast as the vendors are packing up after closing.

We don’t close farmers’ markets when it rains. (People do ask!) Canceling a market day is a last resort when there is huge risk to health and property. We closed for air quality issues in 2020 and once for a rare windstorm.

Dress for comfort!

  • Shoes that make your feet happy.
  • Sun hats in summer.
  • In spring and fall, jackets with hoods and layers.
  • Bring your water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • Your pet’s paws aren’t safe on hot pavement. Home is sometimes the better choice.