May 232016

We were able to start Double Up Food Bucks at Corvallis Saturday on April 16, a little earlier than most other Oregon farmers’ markets.  Since May started we’re been running it in both Albany and Corvallis and both days in the latter city.

Two other Linn County farmers’ markets are signed up. Lebanon Downtown Farmers’ Market opened last Thursday, and Sweet Home Farmers’ Market is opening June 7, a Tuesday.

That’s 4 opportunities per week in Benton and Linn counties to double the amount of fresh and local food a family using SNAP can afford.

Here’s the press release about Double Up Food Bucks from the Farmers Market Fund: 2016-05-10 FMF Press Release – Double Up Food Bucks Launch FINAL

Apr 122016

It’s time to take the wraps off a new farmers’ market season. Some customers and farmers have been attending the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market, but our April opening is still a key event on the local food scene.

Chances are good that you’ll find the same farmers you’ve bought from in roughly the same place. But every year a few farmers want or need a different space, and we have new farmers for you to meet and greet.  In Corvallis, for example, we will have locally raised bison and yak. Be sure to walk around the whole site so you don’t miss anything.

Double Up Food Bucks, a souped-up version of an earlier program, will give SNAP recipients an extra $10 in vouchers for locally grown produce — potentially doubling their spending on fresh and nutritious foods.

In Albany, we are seeking business sponsors for a 9-week Power of Produce program. Kids get tokens to spend at the farmers’ market, and there will be activities provided by OSU Linn County Master Gardeners, YMCA and other community partners. Contact Vonda Peters at volunteercafm(at) or (Five Four One) 990.5474.



Feb 092016

2016 applications for our farmers’ markets are open. If you grow agricultural products in one of our 6 counties, please apply. We are here to promote farm direct agriculture. So if you are a crafter, please instead contact the Artisans Faire, which is operated by Hugh White. His phone is 541-231-1841.

See Information for Vendors as a starting point to our process. Mostly it is electronic, and we understand that a few people will need some extra help with it.


Jan 112016

The  7 “dark” weeks without any farmers’ market open in Benton or Linn counties are over!

Jan. 16 is opening day for the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market. It runs every Saturday for 13 weeks from 9 am to 1 pm at the Benton County Fairgrounds in Guerber Hall. With our 32 weeks outdoors, that makes 45 total market weeks in Corvallis.

As you may know, CAFM does not run CIWM. But to us it’s all in the family, and that collaboration extends to the smaller farmers’ markets in Linn County.

This year CIWM is asking customers to park in the large gravel lot south of the Fairgrounds (access it from Reservoir Road) and walk through covered sheds to the new main entrance on the east side of the building.

You might be walking a few feet further, but it will be a calm and dry experience. The large red Arena hosts events most weeks these days, and it’s good to see Fairgrounds facilities well utilized. Yet the combination of an unstriped parking lot, horse trailers and market customer vehicles has become less manageable.

The market will need to do a little re-arranging of outdoor vendors to fit the new entrance, so be sure to look around for your farmers.

CIWM will be getting not one, but two new food programs this season.

First, it will be one of four markets statewide to pilot the new Double Up Food Bucks program where SNAP redemption will be matched up to $10, allowing up to $20 a week in spending. (The DUFB currency is in a $2 denomination, so exact matches occur at even dollar amounts.)

SNAP tokens will still buy everything they have in the past, but these new bonus dollars, which will look like a colorful playing card, can be spent only on fresh, dried, or frozen whole or cut fruits and vegetables without added sugars, fats, oils, or salt — and including mushrooms, herbs, and dried beans. We think even farmers of non-qualifying products will benefit, because SNAP families will have more spending power overall.

 CAFM will have DUFB at the outdoor markets in 2016, and it will largely replace our purple incentive tokens, which we’ll use for special events.

And secondly, Samaritan’s Cancer Resource Center announced plans to run its That’s My Farmer veggie Rx program at the winter market, starting in mid-February. This program also has been operating at outdoor markets — expanding in 2015 from Albany to Corvallis and Lebanon.