Additional Forms

For some products, CAFM needs more information than what we ask all vendors on the main application. Vendors who are not growers will need to do a pre-application. It’s a faster way to learn before filling out the main application if the board is likely to accept you as a vendor. 


Products (baked goods, restaurants, beverages and other prepared foods) are strictly limited and get board review. The process begins in mid-February. This should take place prior to the regular application for anything new. Value-added products are in a different form, starting with 2023.

Fruit and Nut Details

Vendors must provide additional details on these perennials and may be prohibited from selling them until adequate information is supplied. DO NOT skip telling us about quantities of each product. Please list varieties in ORDER OF RIPENING. We may ask for even more detailed info on some fruits.

Consigner Application

Please fill out this form every season for both Community Table and other consignment arrangements. Most vendors at our markets are NOT consigners. This is NOT the regular market application.

Collected Mushroom & Fungus

This form is NOT required if you only cultivate mushrooms. Collection/gathering of mushrooms requires a commercial permit or private land authorization.

CAFM Organic Affidavit

Affidavit for those claiming an exemption from organic certification. Complete annually if it applies to you.

Value-Added Farm Products — Food and Non-Food

Value-added products get separate approval at the board and/or manager level. These products include jams, pickles, sauerkraut and dried fruits and vegetables. We also have placed NON-FOOD products in this form. Value-added approvals can occur throughout the season but are required prior to sales.