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We use an online application process. is where you do it. First hit register, then login, fill out your profile, list products and then apply to a market.

Applications for 2015 opened in early February. The deadline for returning vendors was ***March 6 –EARLIER THAN PRIOR YEARS***. You can edit you ManageMyMarket profile and products at any time. 

If you are a returning or “wannabe” restaurant or baked/processed foods vendor, your first deadline is earlier — Feb. 17. The board selects restaurant and baked/processed food vendors in a competitive process that begins with a pre-application called Board Review and Approval. That and three other forms are now available in the pulldown menu directly under this Information for Vendors page. The service is through Wufoo.

Here is the 2015 CAFM Handbook, which contains guidelines. This document also is accessible from during the application process. If you apply you’ll sign something about it, so you should read it first.

Apart from the earlier deadline, another change for 2015 is a CAFM OG affidavit for vendors seeking to use the word “organic” under the $5,000 federal law exemption from certification.

Stall fees are again: $22 for Corvallis (Saturday) and $20 for Corvallis (Wednesday) and the longer stall in Albany. Albany has some $18 stalls that are great for vendors who unload and park elsewhere. The annual membership, which you pay only once, is $25.

March 6 is the deadline for returning vendors, although we continue to accept applications all season. We consider the date of application in deciding which vendors get to attend. Space historically has been tight at Corvallis Saturday, but we’ve created a little breathing room in the form of permission for a more space on Monroe Ave. west of the alley.

The July 4 market in Corvallis will take place at 2nd and B, near the end of the parade. The Albany market will not move.

Farmers Market Guide  is a set of ODA Farmers’ Market Food Safety guidelines draft in 2003-04. The references section is outdated, but the information on food handling at markets is still useful.

Please contact us about the Farm Direct Bill enacted in 2011. ODA has recently redone its web page, and the information is difficult to find and contains some errors. We will be working with ODA over the winter to fix the errors.

Albany can still use more farmer vendors. If you are new to farmers’ markets, you’ll have a much easier time getting noticed there. We have a lovely and highly visible location downtown. Hours are  9 a.m to 1 p.m.

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more links for vendors

Extension Small Farms
Oregon Farmers’ Markets Association
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Friends of Family Farmers
Local Harvest

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  1. I had just visited the farmers market this past weekend ,July 25, and enjoyed the variety of home grown items , hand made items, baked goods, and other items. I make my own hand woven items and hand made items for the home. I am a graduate of New Albany High School ,1987, and lived in New Albany for several years. One day I hope to give back to New Albany for all the great memories I have made while living there.

  2. You might have the wrong Albany. This site is the farmers’ market in Albany, Oregon — no new in the name. We have no crafts,but if you raise animals and use only their wool it would be considered agriculture.

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