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Getting There

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Corvallis Saturday, 1st & Jackson

The bus station, where all routes lead, is at 5th & Monroe, only a few blocks from the market.
NEW: Route 20 downtown circulator can get you much closer to the market!

If you ride a bike, you might score covered parking inside the market. Walking along the riverbank on the multi-modal path is a relaxing way to arrive.

Parking is a mixed bag of free and paid. METERS are patrolled on Saturdays!

Try out the two blocks of First Street north of Van Buren. These blocks are behind the two downtown motels, and they are mostly free on weekends.

Although there is a pedestrian crossing sign overhead, we recommend walking UNDER Van Buren via the multimodal (bike and pedestrian) path closest to the river.

When you leave these blocks in a vehicle, be sure to exit north via Tyler, unless you want a tour of Linn County. Van Buren is the highway 34 bridge headed east only.

There is also some on-street parking on First Street south of Monroe and on Jackson just east of 1st. We are now using half of the Monroe block between 1st and 2nd. Other “president streets” south of the market are happy hunting grounds for many customers.

Corvallis Wednesday, at 1st & Jackson

Saturday advice applies.

Albany, 4th & Ellsworth (Saturdays only)

Parking downtown is all free! Most customers find spots nearby on 3rd and 4th avenues, Broadalbin and the west side of Ellsworth. If you end up parking on the other side of Ellsworth, consider using the light at 3rd Ave. to cross safely.

We also have Linn County’s permission for customers to use the spacious lot at 4th and Ferry. And Washington Federal Savings lets us have handicapped parking and product pick up behind their building on the north side of the City Hall parking lot.

Regular city buses don’t run on the weekends. So you’d have a long wait. But the Linn Benton Loop runs on Saturday, which might be your ticket.

Many customers in the Monteith District and other housing in and around downtown enjoy walking or riding a bike to the market.

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