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Vendor FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply?

A: Check out the Information for Vendors page. Before you apply, take a look at the Vendor Handbook or otherwise see if you are likely to qualify.

Q: Can I sell crafts?

A: Not unless you are transforming something you grew and can meet our Non-food Value-Added Farm Products provision. If you do have something you think meets that standard, we need you to give us a price breakdown for an item representative of the product. That’s why you don’t see much of this at markets. Also, crafts generally sell better at craft markets. There’s an Artisans Faire on private property next to the Corvallis FM site.

Q: What about baked goods and restaurant foods?

A: CAFM strictly limits anything where the vendors aren’t growing most of the ingredients — to preserve our markets’ character as farmers’ markets.

If you want to pursue these limited opportunities, be prepared to tell us details like where you will buy your ingredients. You will need to purchase product liability insurance if you are selected. The form is available on the Information for Vendors tab. Do this before you do our main application, because the pre-application is what the board will consider.

Q: How big are the spaces?

A: All spaces are at least 10 feet wide across the front, which accommodates tents used by many vendors. Maximum length is 20 feet at Corvallis markets. On Monroe Ave. some of this depth is on the edge of sidewalks and not possible for most vehicles. Albany offers a variety of space lengths, including many at 23 and 25 feet and shorter unloading spaces that cost less.

Q: Can I leave a vehicle in my space?

A: Yes, if it fits and leaves you enough room for product. This is mostly your call. When you measure your vehicle, check both total length and the length from the front tires back, since the nose can hang over a parking block at the downtown markets.


  1. Suannah Sullivan says:

    I am considering selling some home grown vegetables and was wondering what the requirements are for joining the Corvallis summer farmers market. Do I have to have insurance?
    How much do have to pay? Can I get a site for Saturday markets and not the Wednesday ones? When is the summer market open for registration?
    I know you probably have this info posted somewhere, but I am new to Farmers’ Markets and don’t know where to look for it.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Rebecca Landis says:

    Susannah: Please read through the Information for Vendors page. Pretty much everything you want to know is there. Be sure to look at info about the Community Table if the regular vendor route seems like it will be a bit much for your current growing operation.

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