My Pharm

My Pharm is a 5-acre diverse farm that features rabbit and quail, chicken, duck, and eggs plus a wide-ranging selection of garden produce.

Camron Ridge Farmstead

Camron Ridge is a small farmstead located in Jefferson, OR owned and operated by us, Chad and Liz Shinn.

Anchor Ranch Farm

We’re a small, family-run farm and we raise meat animals outdoors on pasture and in the woods.

Nourished With Nature

We are passionate about raising high quality food and we are excited to share it with you!

Heritage Farms Northwest

We pasture raise pigs, cows and chickens from start to finish using clean practices; no antibiotics, no added hormones, no confinement.

Totum Farm

The heartbeat of Totum Farm raising animals with integrity.

Scio Farms

Scio Farms produces fresh meats and microgreens proudly grown for you in Scio, Oregon in the Willamette Valley.