Goodfoot Farm
Our small family farm is located on the banks of the Luckiamute River in the Hoskins area of Kings Valley, Oregon (20 miles northwest of Corvallis). Our mission is to provide unconventionally grown food for the people of our local community. To us, unconventionally grown means we take a systems approach in our efforts to balance our food production with our responsibility for our local forest, field and river life and with the health of our planet. We work hard to minimum our use of off-farm and petroleum dependent inputs and practice a method of agriculture that strives to emulate a natural system. Fundamental to the success of our production system is the integration of animals for fertility and weed management, our selection of crops and cultivars for pest and disease control and our practice of “farmscaping” which provides habitat for native pollinators and natural predators of pests. We are Demeter Certified Biodynamic® as well as certified organic by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.
Apples, Blueberries, Pears, Asian, Plums, Quince
Herbs/Edible Flowers
Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Mint, Parsley leaf
Nursery Products
Vegetable starts
Arugula, Basil, Beans, fresh, Beets, Bok Choy/Pak Choi, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celeriac/Celery Root, Celery, Chard, Chickory, Cilantro, Collards, Cucumbers, Daikon, Dill, Eggplant, Endive/Escarole, Fennel, Garlic, dry, Garlic, green, Garlic, tops, Kale, Kohlrabi, Leeks, Lettuce, head, Mint, Mustard greens, Onions, dry, Onions, green, Parsley leaf, Parsnips, Peas, shelling, Peas, snap, Peas, snow, Pea shoots, Peppers, hot, Peppers, sweet, Potatoes, Pumpkins, sugar, Raabs, various, Radicchio, Radishes, Rutabaga, Salad mix, Shallots, dry, Shallots, green, Spinach, Squash, summer, Squash, winter, Tomatoes, Turnips, Zucchini


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