Mama Berg’s
Mama Berg’s is a local, woman-owned small business striving to create stronger connections between farmer, producer, and consumer. Using only the best ingredients primarily sourced from small local farms, we take care and time to produce a luxurious, restaurant quality meal in a perfectly flaky and buttery puff pastry pocket that allows you to enjoy a scrumptious meal while perusing the booths at the Farmers’ Market. By buying direct from farmers, Mama Berg’s is able to create relationships with the people who grow and raise our food. By treating these ingredients with skill and respect, we pass on our passion to the consumer. Mama Berg’s cares about informing our customers on where we source our ingredients. When we use our platform to connect farmers to consumers, we create bonds in our community. Mama Berg’s makes darn good food, but we will always keep community and access to quality ingredients at the top of our priority list.
Prepared Foods
Savory hand pies, Other
Savory hand pies, heated, Other


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