Oven & Earth
We are a small family farm that grows vegetables at our home on woods creek road and off of hwy 34 in Philomath. We use organic practices but are not certified due to our small size. This will be my 39th year at the Market!
Baked Goods
Brownies, Bars, Cookies, "Quick breads"
Herbs/Edible Flowers
Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley leaf
Nursery Products
Cacti & succulents, Vegetable starts
Basil, Beans, fresh, Beets, Bok Choy/Pak Choi, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chard, Cilantro, Corn, sweet, Cucumbers, Dill, Eggplant, Fennel, Garlic, dry, Garlic, green, Garlic, tops, Kale, Kohlrabi, Leeks, Lettuce, head, Onions, dry, Parsley leaf, Peas, shelling, Peas, snap, Peas, snow, Peppers, sweet, Potatoes, Pumpkins, sugar, Pumpkins, large, Rhubarb, Spinach, Squash, summer, Squash, winter, Sweet potatoes, Tomatoes, Zucchini


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