Nov 082013

angry turkey

Outdoor farmers’ markets continue through Wednesday Nov. 27 in Corvallis. We’ll be open downtown in both Albany and Corvallis on Nov. 23. Localize your holiday meal and pick up some localicious gifts for later.

Once outdoor farmers’ markets are done, you can attend the Terra Madre Day event on Dec. 7 and then wait anxiously for the Jan. 11 opening of the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market at the Benton County Fairgrounds.

Oct 182013

Carve for a Cause 14155_615861481769918_1593109303_n

Carve for the Cause pumpkin event: Donate $5-10 to SNAP incentives at the CFM and carve a pumpkin donated by Adaptive Seeds. Child-safe carving tools provided. We spirit away the guts and save the seeds. Contest for youth and adults with prizes. Sponsors are CAFM, Ten Rivers Food Web and Adaptive Seeds.

Jun 212013

logo for In Local We Love website billboard lamanchaILWL.840x400_Denison2

Check out the new regional ad campaign featuring some of our farmers on billboards and radio spots. One billboard is on state hwy 34. The radio spots are on one of the KRKT stations.

Please share the campaign web address with your friends, and bring them to the markets. Often.

We give you 32 chances in Albany and 64 in Corvallis, where you can come twice a week.